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Are There Any Jews in Ghana?





   Are there any Jews in Ghana? What is the assumption behind this question? I was on a trip, to help and to learn, with rabbinical students. It was led by the American Jewish World Service. For many, an obvious inference is that our hosts must have been Jewish.   

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'The Mexican Schindler' Receive Honors For Heroic Rescue Of Jews 




    Gilberto Bosques Saldívar's life is a shining example of human decency, moral courage and conviction, and his actions highlight the less well known initiatives of Latin Americans who helped to save Jews during the Holocaust," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director and a Holocaust survivor. "He is an outstanding example of a man who answered the call of his own conscience.

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Chevron Arab Resident Nabbed in Tzfas Yeshiva




   A male in chareidi garb attracted the attention of police in Tzfas on Friday, prompting them to stop the man and request identification. It appears the man is a PA (Palestinian Authority) resident from the Chevron area, but he was not a terrorist masquerading, but a yeshiva bachur, or more accurately, a giyur student who has been studying in Tzfas for over a year and is nearing the end of his process until he is permitted to go to mikve.

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  Latin America

President Menem misses the summons for questioning in the AMIA case  




     It's outrageous, but we expected nothing else from a coward,"  said Olga Degtiar, a relative of one of the victims of the AMIA´s bombing. Luis Czyzewski said that the decision of former President Menem to miss the summons for questioning regarding irregularities in the investigations of the AMIA case was "foreseeable." 

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Helping the disabled or elderly walk with care


   A new Israeli device the ReWalk -- worn like an exoskeleton and maneuvered with crutches -- promises to give mobility to paraplegics. The company developing it, Argo Medical Technologies, has made news that has circled the globe.
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Jamming and recording around the world with Bojam




    With a new online application, artists - or musicians at least - may never have to leave their basement or garage again.

Covering the world of music, Bojam has created a platform that lets musicians anywhere in the world collaborate on their music.  
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Make a wish in Arabic or Hebrew





  Based on the phenomenally successful Make a Wish Foundation in America, Israel has its very own chapter, Mishelet Lev. Like its American counterpart, it works to give families with sick kids a gift to help them experience laughter, joy and excitement in the otherwise difficult time coping with severe illness.


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Top Israeli doubles team help children to achieve their goals



   Andy Ram has won 2 Grand Slam Mixed Doubles Champions…the 2006 Wimbledon with Vera Zvonareva and 2007 French Open with Nathalie Dechy

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  9 Elul  5769 DIVREI EMMANUEL     

About Selichot and Elul

By, Rabbi Emmanuel Manny Viñas


Y A Note about Selichot and Elul: According to Jewish tradition, the month of Elul being the last month of the year and because of its proximity to Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur is an especially auspicious time to approach Hashem in repentance for our past misdeeds. Elul is a ‘zman teshuva’ a time for return to God, knowing that God is especially accessible for this during this time. For that reason, some Sephardim practice say selichot during the entire month of Elul very early in the morning, others like the Spanish and Portuguese community say them late at night after Arvit. These prayers are prayers of repentance that focus and express our desire to leave behind the negative past and embrace a deeper relationship with God. Ashkenazim begin saying selichot on the Saturday night before Rosh Hashana usually in the middle of the night. This year selichiot will be recited on Sept 12. The reason for praying very early in the morning or in the middle of the night is based on a Kabalistic tradition that tells us that Hashem sits on the throne of mercy during these hours. The Talmud tells us that during the month of Elul Moses was in deep prayer to God on behalf of the Jewish people for the sin of the Golden Calf. He prayed for forty days until Hashem announced that he had forgiven the Jewish people on Yom Kippur. During the entire month of Elul we blow the shofar each morning to remind us to do teshuva. The verse in Malachi 3:7 “Return to me and I will return to you says God Master of Hosts” invites us to begin this encounter with God and assures us that God will respond in kind to our approach. It is also our custom to begin wishing each other a ‘ketivah vehatima tovah’ may you be inscribed and sealed in the book of life.


Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Manny Viñas and Family








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Every additional day that Jonathan Pollard continues to be in prison is proof of the double standard that is used against him. Every additional day that the Israel- Hamas War continues will bring increasing proof of the double standard that is used against us.I use "Mr. History" to guess at how the future will judge us....and speaking of the future, Happy New Year 2009!

-Dry Bones- Israel's Political Comic Strip Since 1973

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TV Knesset from Israel


The moves of  Chavez and Russian ships in the Caribbean

By Alvaro Eliyahu BaYonah



  The opinion of international critics is that Chavez is a social grudge that has sought to hurt first of all to the United States. He came last winter to the Bronx where with fanfares and whistles he offered to help a few poor with the gas to take heat during the cold months.


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A third of Spaniards descend from Jews and Muslims

      They were driven from the Iberian Peninsula in one of Europe's notorious purges. But more than 500 years after the last Jews and Muslims were "ethnically cleansed" from Spain and Portugal, their ancestors are thriving.
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Balance kids’ high-tech hankerings



   Notice anything unsettling about your kids' Chanukah wish lists this year? A Maccabean je ne sais quoi that transcends the standard sticker shock?

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Danish proposal would ban male circumcision


    A proposal to ban male circumcision for children under the age of 15 could make its way to Denmark’s parliament.
Female circumcision is already banned in Denmark.

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New life for the Bedouin Women of Lakia






  Undervalued at home, and with few skills that can lead to gainful employment (most are not allowed to leave the home for outside work), not only do Israeli Bedouin women suffer from high rates of poverty and abuse, they can pass on a sense of hopelessness to their children -- a cycle that never ends.

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New Sefer Torah Completed in Yonkers NY


   December 14, 2008 the Yonkers Jewish community and many family and friends celebrated the completion of a Torah scroll by Steve Mauner (seated) at the Lincoln Park Jewish Center.
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Providing Shelter for African Refugees


It was Bayu who founded the refugee shelters in south Tel Aviv for refugees from Darfur, Eritrea and Sudan. His own experience as a refugee fueled his decision to help others. In 1997, he arrived in Israel on a tourist visa after fleeing his government in Ethiopia.
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The capital of the Jewish Khazar kingdom is found



     This is a very important discovery," said the organizer of the expedition, Dmitri Vasilyev, from the State University of Astrakhan after finishing excavations near the village of Samosdelka, just north of the Caspian Sea.
"Now we can shed light on one of the most intriguing mysteries of this period, how the Khazar really lived. We know very little about their traditions, culture and burial rites," he added.
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Airport security without taking your shoes off


  The walk-on MagShoe is designed to scan the whole foot for undetected weapons in just a few seconds, and the best part for travelers - you don't have to take off your shoes.
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Canadian fisherman hauls great catch in Israeli waters



Canadian fisherman Italo Labignan with the 15lbs catfish he caught in the Sea of the Galilee.


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